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What to Look For When Purchasing an Organic Latex Mattress

According to research specialists, the most recommended latex mattress is the one that has a lot of holes. To an average person, this does not seem to be very important, but really according to research studies, having a lot of holes in latex mattresses can be very beneficial.

The gaps do not need to be very big. And we are not referring to big Nem bong ep   holes that liquids can go through easily or gush though them. For latex mattresses, the bigger the holes, the better and the more comfortable the mattress is.

These little holes found on a latex mattress are called pin core holes. These holes are important for they are the ones responsible for providing the mattress more cushioning capability. A natural cushioning effect is created in the interiors of the mattress when air passes through the holes.

There is a study that proves that the bigger the holes, the more durable or the sturdier the mattress is. The reason behind this relates to the friction between the molecules within the latex material. Whenever the mattress is used, less friction can increase the lifespan of the mattress.

When purchasing a latex mattress though, we should also take into consideration other things.

Dunlop Process vs Talalay Process

There are two different kinds of method in producing latex mattresses and they are the Talalay process and Dunlop process. Against popular beliefs, they are not brands of a company. They are in fact a method or process on how the latex mattress was manufactured. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Dunlop process is usually called the standard process since this has been used for how many years. Basically, the Dunlop method blends natural rubber sap with synthetic chemicals together and the air inside are whipped out so that the blended liquid is made into a mold. The mold then is added to a gelling agent. This process usually has uneven outputs in the mattress.

The Talalay method on the other hand follows all the same process but vacuums the air inside the mold before the blended liquid is added. The material is then blast frozen to prevent the material from settling, thus making the latex mattress more consistent. Talalay latex mattress is softer and more comfortable.

Of course, buying the kind of mattress still depends on how much money you are willing to invest since Talalay latex mattresses are usually more expensive. But they are in fact softer, more comfortable and can guarantee you a good night sleep.

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